Public Safety Alert Updates

7/14/2019 at 3:25AM

E K U Alert: All Clear: The emergency condition has ended. It is safe to resume normal activities.

Richmond Police and EKU Police canvased the area and we were unable to locate the suspects.  Further investigation revealed that the individual (white male, blue shirt, black hair and black mustache) who brandished the firearm ran towards downtown and the other suspect, who ran towards campus, was not known to be armed (white male, red shirt and red hair).  If you have any information relative to this case, please contact law enforcement.

Sun 7/14/2019 3:02 AM

E K U Alert: Dangerous Situation reported near Richmond Campus involving possibly armed individual with intent to harm.

E K U Alert: Dangerous Situation reported near Richmond Campus.

We received a call that approximately 30-minutes ago there was a suspected armed robbery that occurred at 306 University Drive. One individual was reported to have brandished a handgun.  The suspects are described as a white male wearing a red shirt with red hair who ran towards campus and the other is a white male wearing a blue shirt with black hair and a black mustache who ran towards Main Street.  Richmond Police and EKU Police have responded and are in the area.

Secure In Place:

Secure your hiding place by locking or barricading doors and windows.

Conceal yourself and take cover.

If a person enters your building with a weapon, immediately evacuate the building.

If a person is seen outdoors with a weapon, seek shelter in the nearest unsecured building or leave the area.

Warn other people in the area, provide assistance as you are able, and try to remain calm.

Protect yourself. Avoid the area or hide out, by seeking shelter, and taking cover, in a secure place within a building.

You should look for small, interior, securable, spaces to hide out in.