Building Security


One of the most persistent security problems found on campus is the propping open of doors that are intended to be closed and/or locked. Whenever a door that is supposed to be secured is propped open, the safety and security of the whole building is compromised. A propped open door is an open invitation for anyone to access the building.

Propped doors also provide an easy route for the travel of smoke and fire within a building. In fact, certain doors, such as those leading into a stairwell or opening into certain corridors, are required by law to be closed and latched. By propping fire doors, you will be violating the law in addition to jeopardizing the safety of others.

After entering through a locked door, be sure the door relocks behind you. If the door does not close and secure properly, report the problem to Facilities Services at 622-2966.

An open window provides another easy means to enter the building. Make sure you close and lock all windows when you leave.


As a member of the University community, you will become familiar with the people who should normally be within your work or living area. Whenever you observe someone acting "suspiciously" or a person who is obviously out of place, try to obtain a general description of the individual. Call the EKU Police Department at 622-1111 and report your suspicions.