EKU Exercise (Targeted Violence) 7/25/17

E K U Test: E K U Richmond Campus is conducting an Exercise involving an Active Shooter Scenario. Please check your Email for information about Targeted Violence Preparedness. This is only an Exercise.

People in the Exercise Area may see and hear responder activities associated with a mock shooting.

The Exercise Area includes Coates Building, Jones Building, Jones Lot, Crabbe Street, Crabbe Street Lot, Foster Building, Campbell Building, Burrier Building, Roark Building, Memorial Science Building, Moore Building, Cammack Building, Blanton House, and the Ravine.

This is only an Exercise.

If you experience an emergency while the exercise is occurring, immediately stop what you are doing, get to as safe a place as possible, and call the E K U Public Safety Answering Point at 859-622-1111.



University Police provide 24-hour patrol of the EKU campus buildings, parking lots, residence hall exteriors, and campus grounds. Patrol is by motor vehicle, bicycle, and on foot. The Department does not provide patrol services to the regional campuses, but may provide other services to include investigations and crime prevention programs.

Eastern Kentucky University has 24 sworn police officers who have full law enforcement authority on all University property, and concurrent jurisdiction on all roads and streets adjacent to the campus. They also have the authority to investigate crimes committed on University property anywhere in the state.

The EKU Police Department maintains a close working relationship with the Richmond Police, the Kentucky State Police, the Madison County Sheriff, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and other appropriate elements of the criminal justice system. The University is in daily contact with the Richmond, Corbin, Danville, Lancaster, and Manchester Police Departments to exchange criminal incident information, including off-campus locations owned or leased by student organizations recognized by the University.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Eastern Kentucky University Police Department is to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment through professional service to the community. The success of our mission depends on this partnership utilizing a community policing philosophy. The department places high priority on honesty and integrity and values the need for effective and open communication with the community we serve. We value our employees and are committed to their professional development.